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create your own live call-in radio show that transcribes, amplifies & monetizes your words as you speak.

Why nēdl?

nēdl (As in, 'the haystack.') is like a hashtag for live audio bringing people together through live shared moments. We level the playing field for creators by making every word searchable - in real-time! Then we go one step further and share every penny of revenue with every Voice.

Social Media companies make money from advertising by keeping you and your audiences on their sites - but, you don't get paid nor do you have full access to the audiences you bring them.

nēdl has a Keyword-Based business model and shares revenue with our creators (Voices). We've tied our business model and mission to your success. We win only after our Voices win!

The more authentic your conversations and talks the more discoverable your content will be and the more Tips (Hay) you make from your happy Listeners.

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From the transcriptions appearing in the app as you speak, live search of what I say so it's discoverable, and cats can make money, too? Not to mention that I can be heard on the web and on Android phones! This app's a no brainer.                                                                                                       - Fat Joe

Our Mission

We've been transcribing live user-generated audio since 2017.

We hold the patent on transcribing live audio to make it searchable in real-time. By indexing everyone's speech in real-time, and making everybody's words equally searchable, we level the playing field for discovery. Our mission since the beginning has been to democratize audio, not make it more exclusive. Now, "what" and "when" something is said is just as important as "who" says it.

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What's different about nēdl?


nēdl, as in, ‘the haystack,’ gives everybody their own live call-in radio show that transcribes, amplifies, and monetizes their words as they speak.

nēdl is an all-in-one platform giving users the ability to monetize, distribute, save recordings and transcriptions, and search through live audio to find what people are talking about NOW for true discovery.

nēdl has a patent on Live Audio Search for unparalleled discovery. Additionally, transcripts make our audio accessible to HoH and Deaf communities.

Finally, nēdl gives users POWER. Get a custom URL at [handle] so that anybody can listen to your live streams via web-- no download required! Users can subscribe to get SMS alerts right from that custom URL. In this way, you can wake up an army of listeners with automatic SMS alerts every time you go On-air.

What is Frictionless Sharing?


Attract your audience by sharing your link @ [your handle] over social media or through text messages and email. Anybody with the link can listen via the web -- no download required. Which of your followers will click a link to listen to you instantly without having to download and learn a new app?


Is nēdl in Beta on Android and iOS?

nēdl is still in it's beta stage and we are constantly fixing bugs as they arise. We've got a tiny team (help us change that here: working day and night and hope you enjoy our free product! We hope you have patience when it comes to these bugs. If you encounter something that needs fixing, just shake your device and report it to us so we can start working on it asap. Thank you!

How can I invest in nēdl?


Missed out on Facebook and Google or do you just want to help us change the world one microphone at a time? Please head over to to reserve your equity in nēdl and join us on our journey as we grow! Thank you!


What is Hay?

"Hay" is a token that Voices earn that can be cashed out for real money at any time! One Hay is equal to one U.S. Dollar. Listeners have the option to buy Hay to tip Voices in exchange for great programming, shout outs, information and other increase they receive from listening. On-air Voices earn Hay through comments, ticketed events, and tips. Hay can be purchased in the Profile tab or during a live show when you're in the audience as a Listener. Just tap the gold coin (it's a bail of Hay on its side) to complete your purchase of a Stack through the AppStore or Google Play.

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